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Try out our space environment viewer. Select from thousands of orbiting objects, or create your own. Identify visiblity and switch between ground trace to three dimensional views. Drag the left mouse button to rotate and use the mouse wheel to Zoom in 3-D Mode.
(Requires Silverlight in 32-Bit Internet Explorer)

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Android Apps!
Transition to Android and bring this information to the palm of your hand. We have developed a direct access app providing up-to-date TLE data (CyTLEViewer.) But even better than that, we have a family of finder apps which can point you to the satellite of interest. Take your kids out to search for the International Space Station, or use the broadcast satellite finders to identify the best direction to point your receiver antenna. Go to the Google Android Market and give them a try. These apps rock!

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Android Screen Shots
iOS Apps!
The success of the Android Apps motivated transition to the popular iOS platform. Now available for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, CyTLEViewer contains the same functional capabilities as the Android version. There are small differences as each app takes advantage of the platform capabilities which may not be avaiable on the other. Search on 'Cynoxure' in the App Store

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